Shuttle Service

We provide shuttle and transportation services for hikers, riders and boaters.

A shuttle allows you to do a one way trip and have your vehicle waiting at your destination. The costs for some of the popular shuttles are listed below. Other shuttles can be arranged to meet your needs.
Boater shuttle for the Gila Wilderness float trip. We meet you at the put-in at the Highway 15 bridge (Grapevine Campground) and drive your vehicles to the take-out at Mogollon Box or Turkey Creek Road access.

Mogollon Box Take-Out Cost:  $350 1st car
                                                           $120 each additional car   

Turkey Creek Take-out (4-wheel drive only) Cost: $425 1st car
                                                                                                $175 each additional car     

Gila River Shuttle

Snow Lake - Gilita Shuttle

This shuttle is for the gorgeous Middle Fork hike or other cross-wilderness trips. The least expensive option is to meet your driver at your destination trailhead. The driver will ride with you to your beginning trailhead then return your vehicle to the destination.

Cost: Pick up driver at destination trailhead    $250 per car
           Meet driver in Silver City                               $350 1st car
                                                                                           $200 each additional car
           Meet driver at Snow Lake or Gilita Creek    $525 1st car
                                                                                               $250 each additional car

Silver City and Airport

We pick you up from either downtown Silver City, NM or the Grant County Airport and drive you to the trailhead at Gila Visitor Center or Gila Hot Springs.

Cost: Silver City                         $120 each way, for 1-4 people 
           Grant County Airport   $150 each way, for 1-4 people
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